my boyfriend is coming back tomorrrrrrrrrrow :-)


Palo Alto (2013)

Fred ► Palo Alto Stills — [ 5 - ? ]
Fred ► Palo Alto Stills — [ 5 - ? ]

remember when people used to say “smang”?

….i wanna smang the fuck outta nat wolff & jack kilmer

If any one person steps out of line, we have a very specific way of talking to that person, putting them in front of a mirror and saying, ‘Dude, you’ve got to remember where we started from, what we’re doing this for; only for the music, not for the bullshit, not for the fame’. We’re doing this because when we were young and started playing our instruments together, we felt we were doing something magical. It was never about the hype or the fuckin’ money.

Fabrizio Moretti (2002)

i wanna cry.

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the truth is out there.

What show is that video from?

i dont know but i NEED TO KNOW YA KNOW


Nat Wolff and Jack Kilmer on the set of Palo Alto


Nat Wolff and Jack Kilmer on the set of Palo Alto



arcade fire covered hey tonight last night at the shoreline no stop it please leave my favorite ccr song alONE THANKS


Bread is better than toast.  Toast has the better eating sound but bread has a better flavor.  Toast is also harder to make.  You can’t stick a whole loaf in the toaster… yet.  My whole bread loaf toaster is launching Spring 2015